The WSA Board of Directors invites you to nominate individuals who you feel would be worthy recipients of the "Young Seedsman of the Year" Award.  The criteria for the nomination include the following:

  • Maximum age of 40
  • Current involvement in the seed industry
  • Willingness to help and work with others in the seed industry
  • Enthusiasm for the industry
  • Involvement in the Western Seed Association


Nominations will open in the summer of 2024.

Deadline is October 1, 2024


The WSA 2023 Young Seedsman of the Year

Walker Sik


Previous Award Winners:

Year                First Name      Last Name

2022                Luke                Turner

2021                Tommy            Richardson

2020                Jarrod              Cook

2019                Doug               Pickles

2018                Mike                Cowan

2017                Brett                Bamert

2016                Matt                Fenske

2015                Ben                 Malin

2014                Karen              Withers

2013                Matt                 Malin

2012                Richie              Moss

2011                Garth               Kaste

2010                Aaron              Kuenzi

2009                J.P. 'Tom'         Bodderij